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Solution to Puzzle 133.  AGE PROBLEM

Mrs. Brown has four children, namely, Alice, Bill, Cathy, and Dan.  


Two years ago, Alice was twice the age of Cathy.  

Four years ago, Bill was twice the age of Cathy.  

Two years from now, Alice would be twice the age of Dan.  

Three years ago, Cathy was twice the age of Dan.  Mrs. Brown's current age is the sum of all her children's current age.  


The following table shows their ages which satisfies the facts above.

Alice Bill Cathy Dan
2 years ahead 14 12 9 7
1 year ahead 13 11 8 6
Now 12 10 7 5
Last year 11 9 6 4
2 years ago 10 8 5 3
3 years ago 9 7 4 2
4 years ago 8 6 3 1

Current ages:

Alice 12, Bill 10, Cathy 7, Dan 5.

Mrs. Brown's current age is 34 which the sum of the ages of the 4 children, 12+10+7+5.

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