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A king wanted to build a circular amphitheater on a site which had been the ruins of an old fortress.  On this site, only three pillar had remained.  The king wanted to preserve those three pillars.  He asked his royal architects to design a circular amphitheater so that these pillars would be along the circumference of the amphitheater.  The distances of these pillars from each other were 720 feet, 962 feet, and 638 feet respectively.  What would be the radius of the amphitheater to be built? 


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Plato (427-347 B.C.) was the son of wealthy and influential Athenian parents.  The original name of this aristocrat was Aristocles, but in his school days he was nicknamed Platon because of his broad shoulders.  He was a student of Socrates.  After the death of Socrates, he went to Italy and studied under the students of Pythagoras.  Here, he also spent several years as an adviser to the ruling family of Syracuse.  In 387 B.C., he returned to Athens and established his school of philosophy, the Academy, where Aristotle was one of his most notable students.  Most of his written works are in the form of dialogues.  These works include The Crito, The Phaedo, The Phaedrus, The Symposium, and The Republic.


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