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Sudoku consists of a 9x9 square grid, to be filled with numbers 1 to 9.  The puzzle contains a grid partially filled with numbers. The objective of the puzzle is to place numbers or symbols completely the on the rest of the cells of the given grid, such that

1) each number or symbol will occur only once in each column,

2) each number or symbol will occur only once in each row,

3) each number or symbol will occur only once in each 3x3 blocks or regions.

However, there are other variations of Sudoku.  For example, it may be filled with other symbols, instead of numbers.  The size of the grid may also vary. Sodoku is a puzzle of logic.  Each Sudoku puzzle has a solution that can be logically reached without randomly guessing.  However, there may be more than one solution to a Sudoku puzzle.  Better Sudoku puzzles have only one unique solution.

As the name may sound, this puzzle was made popular in Japan, although it may not originate in Japan.  The name Sudoku or 数独 comes from Japan and was derived from Kanji (or Chinese) characters, "Su" ( meaning 'number') and "Doku" (meaning 'single').  In Chinese, these same characters 数独 are pronounced as “Su”-“Du”, with similar meanings.

Sudoku has close similarities to Magic squares and Latin squares, which have been of interest to people since the ancient times.  Thus, Soduku can be said to have deep roots in ancient number puzzles.

Try to solve these Sudoku Puzzles:




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