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Alice, Bill, Cathy, Donald and Eve were in a room drawing pictures.  There were 15 marker pens of different colors in the room.  There were three red pens, three blue pens, three yellow pens, three green pens, and three orange pens.  Each of these kids grabbed three pens of different colors.  Alice did not grab the yellow pen.  Bill did not grab the blue pen.  Cathy did not grab the orange pen.  Donald did not grab the green pen.  Eve did not grab the red pen.  Three of them grabbed both the red and the green pen.  Eve has all the color pens that Donald has.  All the boys have an orange pen.  What were the color marker pens each kid grabbed?

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Platonic solids are regular geometric solids with regular plane faces.  There are only five platonic solids.  These are the cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedrons, and dodecahedron.  The cube has six faces, each of which is a square.  The tetrahedron has four equilateral triangular faces.  The octahedron has eight equilateral triangular faces.  The icosahedron has twenty equilateral triangular faces.  Lastly, the dodecahedron has twelve equilateral pentagonal faces.


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